The courts allows you to file exhibits along with your pleadings in one of three ways: combining pleadings & exhibits in a single PDF document, using the “Attachment to Previous” document type, and/or using the “Exhibit” document type.

Note: Not all courts allow all methods.

  1. Combine pleading and exhibit in a single PDF document.

    If you are filing an exhibit to compliment another court pleading, they can be combined together in a single PDF document. The pleading should be first, then the exhibit appended to the back of the exhibit. To combine them, you may scan your documents to create a single PDF, or use software like Adobe Pro to combine two separate PDF files together.

  2. Use the “Attachment to Previous” document type.

    If your pleading and exhibit exist as separate PDF files, you may first uploading your pleading using the appropriate document type (i.e. Motion), then upload your exhibit as a separate PDF immediately after the pleading using the document type “Attachment to previous”.

    Most courts allow this method, but not all.

  3. Use the “Exhibit” document type.

    Some courts have a specific document type for exhibits. To file an exhibit in these courts simply choose the document type (i.e. Exhibit) and upload your document. You may want to place a cover sheet on your exhibit containing the appropriate case information.