Here’s a list of Hardware and Software requirements for using our e-filing app.

Hardware Requirements

Personal Computer

Access to a personal computer with Internet browsing capability is the only hardware requirement. We recommend a modern Windows based personal computer (PC) or Apple computer.


E-filing does not require a scanner. However filers may find that they need one to scan documents for the purpose of filing. Whether a client or process server signs an affidavit (or a hard-copy paper exhibit that’s attached to a pleading); scanning document swill be the only means to digitize it for inclusion with the filing. We recommend scanning all documents at 300dpi and in grey-scale/black and white whenever possible to keep the file sizes small.

Software Requirements

Word Processor

While filers may create a pleading with light weight applications like Notepad, WordPad, Apple Pages or Microsoft Works; it’s recommended to use a more sophisticated document generation software like Adobe Acrobat Pro (see below), Microsoft Word, or Corel WordPerfect. When you file a document to the Court, they require the filer to upload a PDF version of that document. Newer versions of Word and WordPerfect offer a simple Save As utility to facilitate that conversion. If you use an earlier version of that software there are several free PDF conversion tools available.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

It is strongly recommended filers invest in Adobe Acrobat Pro to bookmark and make their documents text-searchable (OCR) before submitting them to the courts. Many Odyssey courts are optimized for documents created with Adobe Acrobat Pro because of its advanced security features. Documents that are bookmarked and/or made text-searchable using WordPerfect products have a higher rate of court submission errors in Odyssey courts which can result in a filer needing to recreate their PDFs.

Web Browser

You will need a web browser fully connected to the Internet. Modern versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera among others are all acceptable.