If you receive an error upon submission of your filing, or while attaching or detaching service contacts to a case, indicating that the service contact no longer exists in the Court’s system, please follow these steps.

1. We recommend that you save your filing.

  • If you are in the process of creating a filing, click the Save Draft link in the upper right corner of the filing screen.

2. Ensure that your firm’s Service Contact list is synced with the Court’s Service Contacts.

  • Click the Settings tab at top, then the Service Contacts tab on the left.
  • Click the Refresh link on the right to make sure all Service Contact information is in sync with the Court’s system.
  • Once refreshed, click the E-Filing tab in the upper left.

3. Sync the case information with the Court’s system.

  • Navigate to the Case Information screen by clicking the case number or selecting the case from your Recent Case list on the left.
  • Click the Refresh link in the upper right to sync the case information/Service Contacts with the Court’s system.
  • A banner will display at the top confirming the case was refreshed successfully.

4. Return to your filing.

  • Click View My Filings in the upper right, then click the Filing ID you were previously working on.
  • Review the information and submit the filing.