On rare occasions, a user may select service contacts that no longer exist in the Court’s electronic filing manager (EFM). This results in a Service Recipient Invalid error message. If an error indicates that a selected service contact is no longer valid upon submission of the filing, follow the below steps to resolve that error.

  1. Close the error window, then deselect all the service contacts on your filing.
    Service Recipient Invalid
  2. Click the Save Draft link in the upper right to save your filing.
  3. In Section 1, Select Case, click the case number to view the case.
  4. While viewing the case, click the Refresh link in the upper right to retrieve the latest case information form the court.
  5. Once refreshed, click the yellow circle on the left next to the Filing Status tab.
  6. Click the Filing Id of your draft filing to open it.
  7. Re-select your service contacts on the filing, then click Sign and File to resubmit your filing.