If your PDF exceeds the 25MB file size limit, you can try to reduce the size, optimize the document, or reconvert it using one of the following steps.

Convert Your Documents to PDF

No need to Print and Scan! If you’ve generated your document using a Word Processor like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect, there is no need to print your document, sign it, then scan it. It is better to electronically sign your document using a /s/ followed by the attorneys name on the signature line, then simply convert your document to PDF. Documents converted to PDF from a word processor will always result in a very small file size.

Optimize Your Scanner Settings

There is no need to scan documents in color or high resolution for the purpose of e-filing. Ideally, you’ll want to scan your documents at no more than 200 DPI and in black and white.

Reduce File Sizes With Adobe Acrobat Pro

If up have, or are able to purchase, Adobe Acrobat Pro you can utilize features of the software to reduce and / or optimize the file size of your scanned documents. To do so, simply open the document you’d like to reduce the size of and use one of the following commands.

  1. File > Save As > Optimized PDF
  2. File > Save As > Reduced PDF