If a filing is still Pending, and the filing clerk has not begun their review of it, then the user may cancel the filing.

Note: Before canceling a filing, be aware that if the user cancels it, and then refiles it on a date OTHER than the original filing date, the court issues the re-submitted filing a NEW submission date, and NOT the date of the original, cancelled filing.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Filing Status from the left menu.
  2. Click the Filing Id of the pending filing.
  3. Scroll to section 2, and check to make sure the status column still shows Sent. If the status column in section 2 shows Review Processing then the filing clerk has begun their review of the envelope. The filing is now in a state that a filer can not cancel it.
  4. If the status column still shows “Sent”, click the Cancel Filing link on the upper right.

Los Angeles Civil Court Submissions

Unfortunately, in the Los Angeles Civil courts, once a filer electronically submits the transaction, neither the filer nor the Electronic Filing Service Provider may cancel, edit, or add documents to the envelope. Please refer to #39 and #40 of the Los Angeles Civil FAQS