Source: Email from E-File Indiana received on July 3, 2017

Court.In.Gov on Please note that we are making a number of changes to the e-filing system in response to July 1st legislative changes. Effective July 1st, the following changes have been implemented for all counties that are e-filing:

  1. Courts Costs will increase by $1.00. The MI- Judicial Review case type will increase by $2.00.
  2. The PL-Will Contests case type will once again be effective as of July 1st. The case type will be added as an option for filers.
  3. The system will no longer charge filers the Garnishee Defendant or Additional Defendant fees. The law changed as to e-filings only. Filers will still need to add the parties to the filings so notice occurs from the case management system.
  4. Due to changes in the law, we will be adding the Sheriff Service fees to the system for all counties. Filers will need to select the fees when applicable to their filings. Please note the following:
    1. If the Sheriff Service is not paid, we do not consider this to be a valid rejection reason. The Clerk and Sheriff will need to work to have a process in place for how this is handled locally when the filer wants service but does not pay in the e-filing system.
    2. The Sheriff Service fees are not always required. The fees remain at once per case pre-judgment and once per case post judgment. The Clerk and Sheriff will need to have a process in place to identify when the fee has already been paid but the filer is still entitled to the service being requested.
    3. Although the filer is paying the Clerk, the filer is still responsible for accomplishing service under Trial Rule 86.
    4. As of July 1st, the statute requires the Clerk to collect the fee for out of state service. Please note this does not involve the creation of a case but is a miscellaneous payment. The fee cannot be handled through the e-filing systems.
    5. For the counties in which the Clerk has been collecting this fee, the filers will be offered multiple selections for the fees until all envelopes filed prior to July 1st are processed. We will be tracking this to determine when we can safely update the system for those counties.

If you have any questions, please refer to the web page. On the main page, filers can click on the E-filing and E-service user guide and tutorials option. Additionally, at the bottom of the page, there is a Contact Us option.