From: Gregory R. Pachmayr
Clerk of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Tax Court
December 21,2017

Indiana Supreme Court Change to E-filing Public Service List

Indiana’s statewide e-filing project is successfully moving forward, with more than half the state already requiring attorneys to electronically file and serve.

One important component of electronic service is the Public Service List, which is a directory where filers can find your contact information and select you for service in a case. Currently, filers or their firm administrators may add their information to the List through their chosen e-filing software.

On January 1, 2018, the Indiana Supreme Court is changing how they manage the Public Service List:

  • All existing contacts on the Public Service List will be removed to prepare the List for synchronization with the Roll of Attorneys
  • Service contacts attached to cases will not be altered in any other way so as not to affect service in those cases, even if they were initially added from the Public Service List
  • All filing attorneys in the e-filing system will be automatically added to the Public Service List with their contact information from the Roll of Attorneys so they can be e-served
  • Non-attorney service contacts will no longer appear on the List; only attorneys who are set up as filing attorneys in the e-filing system will appear on the List
  • If you are a non-attorney service contact, you will add your e-service contact information directly into your cases through your e-filing software
  • If you are a firm administrator, you will no longer manage Public Service List contacts through your e-filing software; attorney contact information is managed in the Indiana Courts Portal

For help and additional information about these changes and instructions on adding yourself as a service contact through your e-filing software, see How the Public Service List Works, the E-filing User Guide and E-service Tutorials.


Gregory R. Pachmayr
Clerk of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Tax Court