Once a filer has a hearing date (Spindled a Motion), they may want to come back and add additional motions (piggyback) to the motion call on the same day.

Piggybacking is fairly routine practice which reduces the number of court appearances. However, the court may or may not hear the additional motion(s) depending upon:

  1. their nature,
  2. whether there’s enough time,
  3. or if there’s a need to respond.

Filers will want to check the judge’s standing order first (many of those orders are now online if he/she has one). Some judges do not allow attorneys to piggyback a motion.

If allowed, filers may enter their hearing date on the Notice of Motion, and then file it with the Motion. There’s no need to pick a hearing date from the calendar because the court has already assigned one. Additionally, the court does not stamp the hearing date on the Notice of Motion. Since the filer has already scheduled a date, this isn’t necessary for the Notice.