As of March 1, 2019, many of the LA Civil Courthouses have implemented a temporary process for Requests for Dismissals on unlimited civil cases filed electronically. Effective immediately, they will accept the transaction in the court’s e-filing manager software (EFM), and stamp the document as received.

At that time, the court will manually process the Request for Dismissal outside the e-filing system and mail back the completed copy outside the e-filing system. Filer’s will receive a clerk’s comment similar to the following:

This Request for Dismissal will be received through eFiling and processed manually by the court. A copy will be sent to the address on the dismissal once processed. Any other documents in this transaction have been processed electronically.

The temporary process will remain in place until the backlog has been alleviated.
If filers have questions on the status of any Request for Dismissal with an Electronically Received stamp on it, they will want to reach out to the filing clerk at the court directly with the Envelope Number for reference to advise.