If you find that the court auto-rejects your filing within a few minutes of submission, that reflects that the e-filing system was unable to process your filing successfully, and it has not been sent to the court. Many times, there will not be a rejection reason along with this auto-reject.

If a filing does not meet the court’s system requirements, their system will not accept the document.

Common reasons for failure include, but are not limited to:

  • Page size not being 8.5×11 inches
  • A resolution higher than 300dpi
  • Use of unintelligible images
  • Unsupported fonts like ZapfDingbats, Wingdings, Symbols
  • Password protection on PDF documents
  • URLs or shortcuts included in the filing
  • PDF Producers other than Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word

If your filing is auto-rejected, you will want to check the document with these reasons in mind, and recreate your document, before you resubmit it.